Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Butterfly Garden

About 2 years ago I started scripting a short film that would eventually be titled "The Butterfly Garden". Personally I thought it would only take 8 months at the most. Boy was I wrong.

This actually turned out to be an outstanding learning experience. I've been wanting to creating a short film of my own for about as long as I've been enticed by the medium of animation. Tackling the obstacles that go into telling your own story have been a real eye opener. I have the utmost respect for people that specialize in areas that used to be completely foreign to me, such as environment artist, lighters, and editors.

I have full intent on creating a blog to show the "making of" portion of this film. As well as show some of the original ideas of what this short was intended to be.

But for now, please enjoy!

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