Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Butterfly Garden

I've been working on a short film for almost 2 years now. Glad to say that I am FINALLY working on the final render look. It really has been an interesting adventure working on everything starting from story, all the way to final render. This was the first time I ever attempted to work on environment modeling, texturing, or cloth sim, I really came away with a solid appreciation for what goes into it. That stuff is HARD!

Here's a screen shot to show to show off what the final look will be.

And here is the film with completed animation, enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Bill, it's Nathan. The animation is looking good! Last time I saw it it didn't have the butterflies in it. I like the look of the environment too. The splotchy trees and scratchy hand painted type sky look cool. I'd like to hear the animation with some sound effects. The music sounds good, but I'm kind of startled when the old guy says "B-". Having some other sound effects or audio in there will help transition to the punchline. Maybe have the old guy grunt audibly grunt when he blocks the other guys sword?