Monday, November 23, 2009

The gloves are coming off!

I've grown to really enjoying the process of creating animation tests. It's a great time to explore ideas creatively, while not being tied down to a specific style or story sequence. It's refreshing to experiment with random ideas to see how things turn out. For the good or bad.

This was a test I created at work during some down time. I wanted to animate super hero's doing cool super hero powers. However I did not want to use any type of heavy effects in the process. I think I am attracted to those types of hero characters in comics and movies. The ones that don't shoot laser beams, telekinesis or some other form of kinetic energy they manipulate. It just seems as if the power that they are using becomes the attention, and they are simply the vessel that it is channeled through.

Ok... Enough of the geek speak.


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